About Faculty

The Faculty of Pharmacy is the first of its type in Private Higher Education in the Sudan. The first batch joined the university in the year 1999. The overall objective of the faculty is to teach all pharmacy subjects to qualify graduates as experts in the field of medicine, make them well acquainted with new therapeutics; besides enabling them to make different drugs, examine and analyze them chemically and ensure the appropriateness of drug formulation according to the specifications of the pharmacopoeia.

The current pharmacy syllabus has distinct academic and professional features. The faculty aims, through this syllabus, to upgrade the standard of pharmacy education and scientific research. In addition, the faculty is exerting good efforts to cope with modern scientific advances and in this respect; the faculty spares no effort to extend cooperative relations with similar faculties and other medical institutions inside the country and abroad. Moreover, the faculty is committed to satisfy the changing needs of the community by developing the appropriate syllabuses and study plans; besides providing qualified and efficient cadres, consolidating new concepts of education, setting study courses comprising the suitable items and technical terms. In addition the faculty is using modern teaching methods, continuous evaluation in a way that conforms with the set objectives.

The annual number of enrolled students exceeds 550. The University awards the honour degree in pharmacy after the recommendation of the Faculty Board. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Pharmacy has graduated Twelve batches (761 students) highly qualified and efficient pharmacists capable of practicing the profession in the various fields of pharmacy. The last batch (batch Fifteen) graduated in August 2015
The faculty participates regularly in scientific professional forums and the various professional activities with the concerned bodies such as the Ministry of Health and the Medical council by preparing various programs to assist in qualifying pharmacy interns. The faculty is also making good efforts to consolidate cooperation with other faculties of pharmacy inside the country and abroad.

The facilities of the faculty comprise seven lecture halls with the capacity of 100 students per hall, four laboratories for the main branches of pharmacy; besides the common laboratories in the medical building which are utilized for teaching the practical side of the basic medical subjects. A special laboratory has been prepared for scientific research and it is well equipped with some modern appliances such as the HPLC. A plan has been set to provide modern technologies as the basis for postgraduate studies; this is besides the modern Digital Library which is supplied with the necessary databases and most of the main references of pharmacy and other medical subjects. Linking the library with the internet has recently been concluded and the teaching staff, students and other employees will benefit from it.
The faculty has also attracted a leading group of very competent teachers in the different branches of pharmacy from inside the country and abroad. The teaching staff is assisted by some efficient teachers from other local universities to teach the basic medical subjects.

Moreover, the faculty hosts annually a number of external examiners from inside the country and abroad to examine finalists in the basic subjects of pharmacy. Each external examiner submits a written report which is raised to the Faculty Board, the Academic Board and to the Higher Education Authorities respectively. The report comprises the standard of performance of each student coupled with the necessary recommendations.